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2016.11.23 RELEASE

⭐️ 12/25 "Zenhari Yume no Dai Christmas Day Live" Product Sales Information

December 25, 2016 (Sun) Pasela Resorts Grande Shibuya

Thank you to all the members of the Hari Corps!

Goods information for [Zenhari Yume no Dai Christmas Day Live] to be held on December 25th (Sun). The live performance on Christmas day that the members have been dreaming about for years! Let's get excited together with cheering goods!

[6 types of trading strip posters]

You can go home together for Christmas and then spend 365 days with the members every day!

This is a wonderful finish that is perfect for introducing to your family, although it will be the first time for you to visit your home.

About W297mm x about H630mm

600 yen (tax included)

Material: Matte paper

* It is simply wrapped in a vinyl bag.

* Size is subject to change.


[Neck strap (Christmas live venue limited) all 1 type]

The neck strap, which is very convenient for live performances, is also convenient for everyday use. By the way, Mr. Yokoyama, a member of the senior baby, plans to use it every day so that he can pull the key out of the bag immediately.

Limited to Christmas live venues!

800 yen (tax included)

Material: Polyester


[All 1 type of ticket case]

The ticket case with the Hari mark will be a big success in the future live performances! Who is the member who is going to go to the convenience store empty-handed with cash and accessories in it? Who are the members who talk a lot with the convenience store grandma and get to know each other soon?

1000 yen (tax included)

Material: Vinyl chloride W130mm x H220mm

[All 1 type of bon fin]

There are many ways to use it, such as attaching it to your arms, hair, bags, keys, and key chains. This is always the same as Hari. Next time, let's ask how to use the prince. It seems that even one of the sweaters will be knitted.

700 yen (tax included)

Material: Polyester satin W11mm × H400mm

[9 types of trading can badges]

Sorry to keep you waiting.

There are 9 different colors of emblem tin badges that everyone has asked for!

Set of 6 2400 yen (tax included)

Material: Tinplate metal

All 9 types of emblem can badges

Red, green, pink, yellow, blue, purple, orange, white, 1 secret

* You cannot choose the pattern.

* Not sold separately.

* Individually wrapped and pre-sorted in one bag.

[Notes-Admission and product sales-]

・ The venue is all standing. Please note that there is no drink corner this time.

・ Payment by product sales is cash only.

・ The selling price of goods and CDs is the service price including consumption tax.

・ Products, including venue-limited products, will be discontinued as soon as they are out of stock.

・ Those who do not have a ticket cannot purchase goods or CDs. Please note.

・ For the purpose of guidance, the entrance line will be the goods purchase line as it is.

・ Admission will be in the order of your ticket number. About 15 minutes before the opening, the staff will line up customers at the store.

・ Even if you do not purchase goods or CDs, you can enter in the same line as when purchasing goods and when it is your turn. The same applies when purchasing only goods or purchasing only CDs. Thank you for your cooperation in line-up admission.

・ The sale of goods at the time of admission will be one accounting per person. Please purchase it so that you do not forget to purchase it.

・ If there is no waiting line for admission, we will form a waiting line for product sales again, but if we do not meet the start time, we may not sell products. Therefore, you may not be able to purchase even if you line up again. Please be aware of this before lining up.

・ Goods will not be sold after the live performance. Please be sure to purchase before the live.

・ Currently, the mail order of goods at a later date is undecided.

・ Depending on the sales situation on the day, we may set a maximum sales limit for some products. Please note.

・ The staff will randomly select trading products. Customers cannot choose. Please note.

・ There is a plain shopping bag available for the product you purchased, but there is no special bag for posters. The edge of the poster may come out of the shopping bag. Please be careful not to damage it during the live performance.

・ Please refrain from bringing suitcases and carry cases to the venue on the day of the event.

・ Up to one poster case with a long side of up to 50 cm can be brought in per person. The elastic poster case can only be brought in if it is fixed within the specified size. Please use the poster case so that it does not get in the way of other customers, such as putting it in a bag during the live performance. We will be involved in the subsequent event management, so we ask for your cooperation.

[Caution-Replacement of defective products-]

・ We do not accept exchanges or returns of products after purchase, except in the case of defective products.

・ When making a payment, please check the order details, product and total amount with the staff.

・ After receiving the product, please be sure to open the product and check the product.

・ Defective products can be exchanged until the venue closes on December 25, 2016, or until the customer leaves the venue.

・ When exchanging defective products, you cannot choose the design of the trading can badge. The staff will choose at random. Trading posters will be exchanged for products with the same pattern. Please note.

・ We are unable to respond to defects (broken or crushed posters, etc.) that occur during the live performance. Customers are responsible for managing the products.

・ Please note that we cannot exchange defective products after you leave the venue, or exchange defective products after December 25, 2016.

・ We do not make inquiries about products by e-mail or telephone. Please note that we may not be able to respond to your inquiries.

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