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Novel Shonen Hollywood Complete Edition

Kouji Sakuragi, 32, who once dreamed of becoming an idol.
Having lived a very normal life, one day he is scouted to become a new member of an idol group.
He looked young, so he was thought to be 17 years old.
Kouji's idol life started as "Tsuyoto Hiiragi" to end his dream.
In addition to the trajectory until he was called the god "God" who came to "Shonen Hollywood"

Complete the story in which all the members from the beginning of Shonen Hollywood were formed.
The activity record "Shonen Hollywood -Holly stage for 49-" is a story 15 years after this work.
The story of the first Shonen Hollywood is now available as a complete version!

"Novel Shonen Hollywood Complete Edition"
Ikuyo Hashiguchi ・ Author Price: 810 yen + tax
Release date: June 6, 2014 Published by Shogakukan

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