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Shonen Hollywood project

The project has been developed in a wide variety of ways, starting from the stage in 2011, publishing a novel in 2012, real idol from 2013, and TV animation in 2014 and 2015.
It is the novelist Ikuyo Hashiguchi who writes the youth ensemble drama through the story of the group "Shonen Hollywood". In recent years, she has also appeared on TV as a commentator on Fuji TV's "Tokudane", showing a wide range of activities in addition to writing novels.


Project chronology

April 2011 Performance of the stage "Shonen Hollywood" sponsored by Nelke Planning
Based on the myth "Harajuku Girl" by Ikuyo Hashi, the setting that was a female idol in "Harajuku Girl" was replaced with a male idol.

Hashiguchi created the title character and newly wrote the script. It was feared that the event would be held immediately after the earthquake, but all the performers and staff

We performed the stage with the one who wanted to bring energy to the customers. Concluding festivities is full because the audience seats, which were half the first day, are also full.

March 2012 "Shonen Hollywood-I want to see our orange again" replay.
A replay that was held in the midst of a great deal of people after several events. The excitement peaked, with a premiere on the Concluding festivities ticket.

However, the production of the sequel was unfortunately not done due to the busyness of the cast.

Published July 2012 "Shonen Hollywood" (Shonen Hollywood)
A newly written theory that tells the story of the members' encounters before the story of the stage begins.

January 2013 The project started with "Anime x Small Theory x Real".

Announcement of TV animation and development of idol project.

In the audition including the general open call for participants, 7 "Shonen Hollywood candidates" were selected and the idol project started.

Three people will be selected in the September member addition audition, and it will be a unit of 10 people.

April 2014 "Shonen Hollywood Candidate" changed the group name to "ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD" and expanded the range of activities.

Changed the project slogan to "Anime x Small Theory x Zen Holly".

May Anime "Shonen Hollywood" first and last production presentation! ~ KAMI-KOURIN-MADIKA  in Hollywood Tokyo ~ Held at Nakano Sunplaza

June Published the full version of "Shonen Hollywood" (Shonen Hollywood)

July TV Anime 1st Season Shonen Hollywood -HOLLY STAGE FOR 49- Broadcast

December Christmas Radio Live "Eternal First Christmas Eve" Broadcast on Nico Nico Live on Christmas Eve

January 2015 TV Anime 2nd Season Shonen Hollywood-HOLLY STAGE FOR 50-Broadcast

April Shonen Hollywood fan club "Future Orange" was established.

May Sho-Holly & Zen Holly Joint Festival "If you don't get along well, I'll grind you! Held at Nakano Sunplaza

The small theory "Shonen Hollywood -HOLLY STAGE FOR 51-", which is a continuation of the July TV anime, has started serializing in the Shonen Hollywood fan club "Future Orange".

July fan club limited event (Saeki Kira, Tokyo Osaka)

September LIVE Tokimeki Music Room special suit live (Pacifico Yokohama)

Episode 10 "Tokimeki Music Room" becomes a real event! Gorgeous performers such as voice actors and idols co-starred, and it became a live event that transcended time and space.

October Fan Club Limited Event (Maiyama Shun Birthday)

"Shonen Hollywood" shop opens for a limited time in Laforet Harajuku in December. The first day sales were exciting, such as becoming the No. 1 in history.
Fan club limited event "NOEL PARTY" held Christmas radio live "Christmas Eve is you" held

March 2016 Fan Club Limited Event Fan Thanksgiving

April Fan club limited event (Amaki Ikuma,Kazami Kakeru)

May fan club limited event (Tommy Daiki)

Crowdfunding start on July Makuake I want to complete the 26th episode of the TV anime "Shonen Hollywood"! Support project
Screening event (Saeki Kira birthday)

October screening event (Maiyama Shun birthday)

November Crowdfunding Collected nearly 60 million and succeeded. Makuake ranked first in the history of support money ranking (at that time)

December Laforet Harajuku x HMM opens a limited edition Christmas radio live "HOLLY STAGE FOR YOU" full version released

February 2017 Makuake Crowdfunding Shonen Hollywood LIVE GOODS is coming from beyond space-time! start

April screening event (Amaki Ikuma Kazami Kakeru,birthday)

May screening event (Tommy Daiki birthday)

July screening event (Saeki Kira birthday)

October screening event (Maiyama Shun birthday)

Makuake Crowdfunding "Shonen Hollywood" Episode 26 Complete Edition Completion Screening Event Ticket Pre-sale! start

February 2018 Completion Screening Event Hollywood Hall

Makuake crowdfunding boy Hollywood cheering party formed! I want to liven up the Christmas live screening! Support project

July ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD 80's dismissal

September Full version screened at Los Angeles International Anime Film Festival

November Nominated for full-length competition at the 5th New Chitose Airport International Animation Film Festival

December 22 Theater live release

April 13th (Sat) to July 21st (Sun), 2019

Shonen Hollywood -HOLLY STAGE FOR YOU- Complete version 9 major cities nationwide theater live support screening JAPAN tour!

Makuake Crowdfunding Shonen Hollywood Cheering Squad 2020! A project where you can hear the continuation of TV animation by reading aloud

Aim for Makuake crowdfunding! Christmas live screening! I want to spend Eve in 2019 with Shonen Hollywood!

December 2019 Christmas live screening

July 2020 Shonen Hollywood Original Painting Exhibition Held

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