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In the novel "Shonen Hollywood -HOLLY STAGE FOR 51-", which is the continuation of the TV anime, who will decide the origin of the names of the fans of each member and who will make their solo debut? The story is spelled out. This novel was previously serialized in the fan club, but on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the activity record, all 7 chapters of the novel will be made into download contents. Members' friends, Ryota Osaka, Tetsuya Kakihara, Daiki Yamashita, Shouta Aoi, Kensho Ono, and Tessie's friend, Masashi Nitta, are in charge of reading. As a reading, please fully enjoy the story that exceeds 2 hours in total.


* For those who have purchased all chapters (purchased an album)

You can download the text file (a compilation of FC novels) of the novel "Shonen Hollywood -HOLLY STAGE FOR 51-". -japanese only-

* Sentence files are not included in the download of each chapter only. Please note.


Chapter 1 "Ofuru no Mug Cup" Mckey Recitation / Tetsuya Kakihara Approximately 24 minutes

Chapter 2 "Gorigori the lump of dreams" Kakeru reading / Ryota Osaka Approximately 9 minutes

Chapter 3 "Punching in Water Doesn't End" Shun Recitation / Kensho Ono Approximately 16 minutes

Chapter 4 "Graduation from Barber London" Tommy Recitation / Shouta Aoi Approximately 14 minutes

Chapter 5 "Blue Kabiman" Kira Recitation / Daiki Yamashita Approximately 18 minutes

Chapter 6 "The Best Side Effects" Recitation by Teshigawara / Masashi Nitta Approximately 15 minutes

Chapter 7 "Decision to Live in the Forest" Cat Recitation / ???? About 30 minutes


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