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2016.11.30 RELEASE

⭐️ Shonen Hollywood Crowdfunding Thank you for achieving your goal

Thank you to everyone who participated in Shonen Hollywood crowdfunding, and to all Shonen Hollywood fans.

Thanks to you, I was able to achieve my final goal.

I don't think this was really easy.

Naturally, each person has various daily lives and lives. I'm working, I'm a student, I'm on vacation, I'm supporting my family, I'm being supported by my family. Meanwhile, the proof that I worked hard every day is the energy that connects to what I want, what I want to eat, where I want to go, who I want to meet, who I want to support, the world I want to protect, and what is important to everyone. I think it is a miracle reality that there were so many people who wanted to shed light on them with their precious power.

And, thanks to everyone who talked about this crowdfunding and continued to convey the existence of a little tension every day, it was also an opportunity for many people to meet them. Just by saying the names "Shonen Hollywood" and "Small tension", it is a power that will surely connect you somewhere. Thank you again today for the way someone can meet them somewhere.

This is how everyone really pulls the little tension.

I believe that those who received such a big present during Noel's season must be a strong idol group, overcoming many things today.

And this time, they will pull you all and take you to Hollywood Tokyo on Christmas Eve that day, singing with the best smile, "We walk happily and beyond the goal tape."

We will do our best for the day when the space-time barrier is removed. Thank you for visiting Shonen Hollywood until that day and beyond.

For Shonen Hollywood, everyone is "Christmas is you".

If you think of them like that during the wonderful Noel season, I'm sure the members, Shachou, Tessie, Cat, and your dear friends, the fans beyond space-time, will be pleased. ..

Thank you again for your life and for the future beyond space-time.

I'm going to Hashiguchi

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