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2016.11.6 RELEASE

⭐︎ ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD TBS Radio sponsored performance "Aim for a big Christmas party tour! Last month festival ”CD reservation privilege meeting group group shot additional information

Thank you for your many requests.
It has been decided to add group group shots to the privilege party.

● Two bonus event tickets: Group group shot

[Shige Kasai, Taiga Fukazawa, Yoshiyuki Yokoyama, Yuma Abe, Akiki Osaka]
* Group group shots can be taken with your group with all members gathered.
* When a member and a customer group are photographed, the staff will borrow the customer's camera to photograph.
* As a general rule, re-shooting is not permitted.
* Please note that you cannot specify a pose for a member.
* Please note that there are no two-shots or select shots for this special event.
* Two tickets are required for each person.

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