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2016.12.25 RELEASE

⭐️ Idol phantom thief "Wandaraibu" launching performance LIVE will be held! !!

2017. The first year of Wandaraibu has arrived!

Is the handsome women's group "THE HOOPERS" and the all-Japan love $ theater company "ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD" joining hands? Or will you fight?
The mysterious idol phantom thief "Wandaraibu" will be launched at Sanrio Puroland on 2/4.
Please see this first attempt, the arrival of the first year of Wandaraibu!
Now, the story has already begun with this announcement.
Don't miss the activities of THE HOOPERS and ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD, who have become "Kamide demons" towards the stage.

◆ Date and time Saturday, February 4, 2017

1st start 13:00 (open 12:45) end 14:00 scheduled

2nd start 16:30 (open 16:15) end 17:30 scheduled

◆ Place 1F fairy tale theater in Sanrio Puroland

◆ Ticket information

・ Appearance THE HOOPERS, ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD, Sanrio characters

・ Price ¥ 5,000 (Sanrio Puroland Passport + Live Ticket)

・ General sale starts from 10:00 on 1/7 (Sat) at Rochike


L code: 33269

・ Click here for Sanrio Puroland information


・ Click here for the latest information on THE HOOPERS


◆ Goods sales

Goods will be sold one hour before each performance.

Details will be announced at a later date, so please look forward to it.

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