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2016.12.26 RELEASE

⭐️ Idol support app "CHEERZ for JUNON" 1st project (12 / 28-1 / 3) Message video present for "only you"

We will start the first project of "CHEERZ for JUNON", the official idol support app linked to JUNON, which we participated in from December 26th the other day! !!

During the period, the members who cheered on the 1st place in the fan ranking will present a newly shot message video for "only you".

further! If you share on Twitter during the period, you will win an extra video! ??

Please note that the total will be done within the period.

See below for details.

We are waiting for a lot of participation!

◆ Event details

During the period, we will present a message video from the members who supported the 1st place in the fan ranking of each member of ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD.

* Present to the 1st place of each member

◆ How to participate

You can participate by installing the free smartphone app "CHEERZ for JUNON" and "CHEER" the photos posted by ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD members in the app.

Click here to install the app

◆ CHEER aggregation period

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 0:00-Tuesday, January 3, 2017 23:59:59

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