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2016.7.10 RELEASE

⭐︎ ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD participated in "Reebok FITNESS BATTLE RACE".

Serialized at Shogakukan Woman Insight!

It's time to take a new step and test the cohesiveness of all the tension.

ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD will participate in the toughest team race "Reebok FITNESS BATTLE RACE" in Reebok history held on October 1, 2016. Up to the tournament, the state of the demon training at Reebok CrossFit Box will be serialized at Shogakukan Woman Insight with video distribution.

⭐︎ ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD has decided to act as the opening act for "a-nation island LOOP vol.8".

July 31 (Sun) Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 2 Gymnasium 15 minutes from 13:30 to 14:00

Ticket information:

* The appearance of Taiga Fukazawa is undecided.

To commemorate this

“Opening act opening act event”

"Earl Gray for you only" will be performed at "You only LIVE".

Here, all Hari members will sing "Earl Gray Season" with solo a cappella to heal the tiredness of the day with the daily gratitude to all the fans. At that time, it is a special project to change the "Kimi" part of the lyrics to that person's name and sing for 3 minutes just for one person.

People from far away who have difficulty in coming to live can also participate from home, and of course, everyone who always visits live is also welcome.

* This is a paid limited number of people to commemorate the appearance of LOOP8. note that.

* One live per person. You cannot participate in multiple live performances.

* Because it is a live event, the contents are greetings, asking for your name, and delivering songs. Please note that it is not a plan where you can talk with the members for 3 minutes.

For details, please check the "Kimidake LIVE" site.

⭐︎ ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD TBS Radio sponsored performance schedule announced!

⭐︎ September 18 (Sun) Noon Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater

"Black dressing room performance in Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater" sponsored by TBS Radio

Completely reproduce the dressing room of all tension! ??

What will happen this time!

Please come and take a peek at the dressing room.

The black dressing room performance is a play performance that all Hari members also like.

* Ticket information will be announced soon.

⭐︎ September 18th (Sun) Night Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater

"Aim for a big Christmas party tour! Naked Consistent Zen Hari Rally Live 』TBS Radio sponsorship

ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD, which started with a consistent nakedness, will hold a rally live to unite the hearts of all the members of the Hari Corps!

With the enthusiasm of this rally in mind, Zen Hari will start running toward the Christmas party live in December.

All for a successful big Christmas party with our fans!

Preparations for the party have already begun.

Until now, Zen Hari, who had missed all the live performances on Christmas day, listened to the radio live while always envious of the live performance on December 24th.

With their longing in mind, they will hold a Christmas live "somewhere in December" this year as well. Can I get the day this year? Only God knows it! ??

It's the day when we set out on a journey to bring a lot of Hari corps to our dream Christmas party. Let's get excited with a new start!

* Ticket information will be announced soon.

⭐︎ November 13 (Sun) Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater

ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD "Aim for a big Christmas party tour! Last month festival ”TBS Radio sponsorship

* Performance details and ticket information will be announced soon.

⭐︎ December One day

ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD "Miracle Great Christmas Party in? ?? ?? 』Sponsored by TBS Radio

* Performance details and ticket information will be announced at any time.

⭐︎ "Very singing and dancing 1 hour live" Zenza edition

"Very singing and dancing 1 hour live" Hollywood edition

Regular holding decision!

It is a one-hour live performance that is recommended for those who want to enjoy the tension on their way home from school or work, and those who are busy.

"Zen" can be just one hour, "Hari" can be just one hour, and the set list is different, so you can enjoy both, whether you are sitting or standing at your own seat, depending on how you enjoy it. Please enjoy.

Participation by yourself is welcome, and participation by inviting friends and family is also welcome.

At the end of the day, in order to bring a smile from Zen Hari, the members will send off both live performances of "Zen Hen" and "Hari Hen" with gratitude.

* Opening details, time, and ticket information will be announced soon.

* There is no tension touch or handshake to see off. Please proceed promptly without stopping.

"Very singing and dancing 1 hour live" Zenza edition "Very singing and dancing 1 hour live" Hollywood edition Performance schedule within the year

Monday, August 29

September 14th (Wednesday)

Wednesday, October 12

Wednesday, November 2

Thursday, December 8

This performance is held regularly, changing the theme of each performance.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in all the "Very Singing and Dancing 1 Hour Live".

Free invitation to "ZEN Invitation Request Live" on December 8th!

If you have time, we also recommend ZEN enthusiasts.

The live theme of "Very singing and dancing 1 hour live" on 8/29 is "Let's become a tiger together".

On this day, four people will make up for the flavor of Taiga Fukazawa, who is in charge of Hollywood color yellow, who cannot perform due to schedule reasons.

All the members listen to the tiger and rampage.

Who will be in charge of the very singing and dancing "Yellow Punch of Fortune"? looking forward to!

("Fortune Rise Yellow Punch" will be played in all performances, Hari edition, and both performances.)

Please look forward to the live theme of "Very singing and dancing 1 hour live" on 9/14!

The 9/14 live ticket stub is "Aim for a big Christmas party! If you show it at "Naked Consistent Zen Hari Risekai Live",

We will give you a special "very cool bromide".

* Since the stub is a bromide gift by presenting either "Zen" or "Hari", it will be one per person.

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