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2016.7.15 RELEASE


“Opening act opening act event”

The dates for all members have been decided, "Earl Gray only for you".

★ Live schedule:
July 20 (Wednesday) 21: 00-Taiga Fukazawa
July 25 (Monday) 20: 00-Yoshiyuki Yokoyama / 21: 00-Yuma Abe
July 26th (Tuesday) 20: 00-Aki Osaka / 21: 00-Shige Kasai ★ Number of talk slots: 20 slots for each member ★ Talk time: 3 minutes

Here, all Hari members will sing "Earl Gray Season" with solo a cappella to heal the tiredness of the day with the daily gratitude to all the fans. At that time, it is a special project to change the "Kimi" part of the lyrics to that person's name and sing for 3 minutes just for one person.

People from far away who have difficulty in coming to live can also participate from home, and of course, everyone who always visits live is also welcome.

* This is a paid limited number of people to commemorate the appearance of LOOP8. note that.

* One live per person. You cannot participate in multiple live performances.

* Because it is a live event, the contents are greetings, asking for your name, and delivering songs. Please note that it is not a plan where you can talk with the members for 3 minutes.

For details, please check the "Kimidake LIVE" site.

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