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2016.7.22 RELEASE

⭐︎ Shonen Hollywood crowdfunding start

Relive that excitement with your help! Help us to complete Shonen Hollywood Episode 26!

From "Look at Shonen Hollywood!" To "Why don't you go to Shonen Hollywood live?"

I want more people to know a little tension! I want to see a little tension that moves!

Hollywood Factory Co., Ltd. was established to manage various contents spreading from "Shonen Hollywood" and to develop new businesses.

I think the best thing we can do now to make Shonen Hollywood even more exciting is to complete episode 26.

Why don't you cheer for the full version of episode 26, which will exceed 45 minutes in total, on a big screen, swinging up the penlight with your friends?

Please help all Fu-chan, Orange, and everyone who wants to support Shonen Hollywood!

Click here for details

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