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2016.7.27 RELEASE

⭐︎ I want to make Shonen Hollywood Episode 26 a complete version! Thank you for starting the support project

ladies and gentlemen

Thank you very much for your participation in the crowdfunding of Shonen Hollywood, even though it has only been a few days.

Thanks to everyone, we were able to achieve our first stage goals.
All the staff are full of gratitude and joy for being able to deliver the moving little tension "Air Boys" of that day's Christmas live.
It's not an easy amount, but I think there are many people who did their best to participate.
Everyone will take care of the precious energy that someone has produced every day and deliver it to the moment of their takeoff that day.

And everyone who visits the site every day and supports us. thank you very much.
Even if you don't participate, I'm grateful that you just remember them every day and, to put it a little selfishly, talk about them.
The warm feelings make their present and future shine.

I hope that this project will lead many people to think about them, to look at the activity records again, and to meet people who do not yet know a little tension. is.
I'm looking forward to seeing all the people who want to go to a live performance in Hollywood next year in Hollywood Tokyo, all the staff, all the members, of course, Shacho, of course Tessie, and Cat.

There's still a long way to go to get a complete setlist for Christmas live, but in a way, cherish the gratitude for starting this way and enjoy the rest of the days of this project and move forward with everyone. I think it's a good idea.

Thank you very much for your support.
We look forward to your continued support of Shonen Hollywood.

I'm going to Hashiguchi

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