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2016.8.5 RELEASE

⭐︎ ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD 9/18 TBS Radio sponsored Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater ticket information

⭐︎ September 18th (Sun) 14: 00 ~ Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater

"Black dressing room performance in Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater"

Completely reproduce the dressing room of all tension! ??

What will happen this time!

Please come and take a peek at the dressing room.

The black dressing room performance is a play performance that all Hari members also like.

Ticket price 4500 yen

⭐︎ September 18th (Sun) 19: 00 ~ Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater

"Aim for a big Christmas party tour! Naked Consistent Zen Hari Rally Live "

ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD, which started with a consistent nakedness, will hold a rally live to unite the hearts of all the members of the Hari Corps!

With the enthusiasm of this rally in mind, Zen Hari will start running toward the Christmas party live in December.

All for a successful big Christmas party with our fans!

Preparations for the party have already begun.

Until now, Zen Hari, who had missed all the live performances on Christmas day, listened to the radio live while always envious of the live performance on December 24th.

With their longing in mind, they will hold a Christmas live "somewhere in December" this year as well. Can I get the day this year? Only God knows it! ??

It's the day when we set out on a journey to bring a lot of Hari corps to our dream Christmas party. Let's get excited with a new start!

Ticket fee 6000 yen

* For both day and night performances, first-come-first-served tickets will receive a special bromide as a bonus at the time of admission.

* A stub for the regular live "Very Singing and Dancing 1 Hour Live" to be held on 9/14, and the "Aim for the Great Christmas Party Tour!" If you show it at "Naked Consistent Zen Hari Risekai Live", you will receive a special "Very Cool Bromide" as a gift. The stub will be a gift for each person presenting either "Zenza" or "Hollywood" of "Very Singing and Dancing 1 Hour Live". Please note that the bromide gift will only be available at night.

Ticket sale

First-come-first-served basis 8/8 (Monday) 18: 00-8 / 19 (Friday)

General release 8/20 (Sat) 10: 00 ~

L code: 36339
Reservation reception phone number: 0570-084-003 (L code required)
Over-the-counter sales: You can purchase directly at Lawson Ministop in-store Loppi.

Internet reservation (common to PCs and mobile phones)

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