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2017.1.23 RELEASE

⭐️ Idol support app "CHEERZ for JUNON"

2nd project (1 / 27-1 / 29)

JUNON magazine long interview appearance competition

We are pleased to announce the second project of "CHEERZ for JUNON", the official idol support app linked to JUNON, which we have participated in since last year! !!

If the challenger who participated in the battle is ranked 1st or 2nd during the period, it will be published in JUNON magazine! !! !!

This time

The protagonist of the new song "Hugging Circus" to be released on April 26, 2017 (Wednesday). .. ..

"Yuma Abe" will be the entry decision as the representative of Hari! !! !!

◆ Event details

If "Yuma Abe" wins the following ranking during the period, it will be interviewed and published in JUNON magazine.

☆ 1st place spread 1 page long interview (JUNON magazine)

☆ 2nd place 1 page interview (JUNON magazine)

* Interviews are only for individuals on behalf of the winning units, but you will be asked to feature the units and activities.

* Publication date undecided. I will announce it as soon as I understand it.

* Only Yuma Abe will participate as a representative, so we are very grateful for the CHEER (support) received from other members, but please note that it will not be added to the competition.

One of the goals of 2017 set by the members, "Take the first place of five",

Zen Hari representative "Yuma Abe" will challenge! !! !!

All the members will support Yuma Abe with all their might!

We are waiting for a lot of CHEER (support) with all the power of the Hari Corps as one!

◆ How to participate

Install the free smartphone app "CHEERZ for JUNON" and have the photos posted by "Yuma Abe" "CHEER" within the period. If you win 1st or 2nd place, it will be published in JUNON magazine!

Click here to install the app

◆ CHEER aggregation period

January 27th (Friday) 0: 00-January 29th (Sunday) 23:59:59 3 days

* Press CHEER if it is within the aggregation period. Photos will be reflected in the aggregation even in past posts.

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