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2017.1.8 RELEASE

⭐️ 1/19 Regular live product sales information

2017 is to commemorate the members' birthdays

It has been decided to sell each original goods.

UMA goods are finally completed in January, the birth month of Yuma Abe!

Yuma Abe birth goods

[MADE IN UMA bracelet towel] 1200 yen including tax * Limited price at live venue

It will be on sale on January 19th! !!

"MADE IN UMA" is a UMA goods produced by Yuma Abe.

If you make it into a bracelet and wrap it around your arm, it's perfect for wiping sweat during a live performance.

An Imabari towel that can be used as a hand towel when unfolded.

When you take a commemorative photo, spread it out and celebrate MADE IN UMA!

* Material: Cotton

* The product sales line will be the same as the CD reservation line.

* Even if you purchase only goods, please line up in the same line as the CD reservation line.

* Sales will end as soon as the stock runs out. Please note.

* Defective products can only be replaced on the day of the event. Please be sure to check the product after opening it after purchase.

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