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2017.2.24 RELEASE

JUNON Presents SPECIAL LIVE ~ MEN'S UNIT DELiGHT ~ Bonus event information!

We have decided to hold a special event! !!

This time, you can participate in the special specification for a longer time than usual.

It's "Zen Hari Touch ~ Long ver ~"! !!

◆ Date and time: Thursday, March 9

Doors open 16: 30 / Start 17:30 (Scheduled to end 21:15)

* The order of participation in Zenhari is scheduled for the second half.

* There is a set of all performers at the ending.

◆ Location: Akasaka BLITZ

◆ Bonus meeting time

After the performance (scheduled for 1 hour from about 21:15)

◆ CD advance reservation time

We are planning to start the live from 1 hour before the performance.

Detailed time will be announced again.

* The number of special event tickets is limited.

◆ Bonus event contents

"Zen Hari Touch ~ Long ver ~" <1 bonus event ticket>

[Yuma Abe, Kasai Kasai, Akiki Osaka, Yoshiyuki Yokoyama]

* It is a "JUNON special specification" that allows you to touch each member for 5 seconds.

* Please note that this content is only available due to the space and time of the venue.

* Please note that any act other than Haritouch is prohibited.

* In consideration of safety, the staff will check the customer's hand before the retouching.

* Please note that the staff may guide you by touching your shoulders or arms.

[How to get a special event ticket]

Scheduled to be released on April 26, 2017 from the CD advance reservation acceptance start time Customers who have reserved the 8h single "Hugging Circus" will be given one bonus event participation ticket for each CD advance reservation.

* You cannot participate in other groups' special events with this special event ticket.

* Please note that the method of obtaining the special event participation ticket is different between Zenhari and other groups.


8th single "Hugging Circus [First Press Limited Edition / Regular Edition A / Regular Edition B] 2 songs included" / ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD (scheduled to be released on April 26, 2017)

Event price ¥ 1,000 (tax included)

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