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2017.2.9 RELEASE

⭐️ 2/16 Regular live product sales privilege information

[2017 member birth goods information]

2017 is to commemorate the members' birthdays

We will sell each original goods.

This time, the second edition, February of the birth month of Akiki Osaka, is finally completed!

Aki Osaka Birth Goods

[Prince's tea cup set Earl Gray season]

1800 yen including tax * Limited price at the live venue

It will be on sale at Yoani LIVE Station on February 16th! !!

The cup has a firm mark, and the saucer has an illustration of a prince!

Please spend a wonderful tea time with the prince, even if you are a member of the Hari Corps.

[Notes on handing over products]

Orders will be made to order on February 16th and will be handed over at the live venue after the end of March.

When you pick it up at the live venue, open it immediately and make sure that the product is not scratched or chipped.

If you find any defects such as scratches or chips, please contact the staff near you before leaving the live venue.

Please note that we cannot accept any replacement of defective products after leaving the live venue.

In addition, we will not replace any damage caused by the customer's carelessness after confirming the delivery of the product. Please be careful during live performances and when you take it home.

Due to production reasons, there may be thin threads, small irregularities, and light stains that are inevitably attached. In that case, please note that it cannot be exchanged.

・ Due to production reasons, the delivery time may change. As soon as the product is ready, we will inform you on the official website and official Twitter (account name @zen_holly).

・ Please note that we cannot contact you individually.

[Birthday goods purchase privilege information]

Aki Osaka Birth Goods [Prince's Tea Cup Set Earl Gray Season]

Will be presented to those who purchase on February 16th on a first-come, first-served basis!

Bromide taken this time as well. There are two types, Akiki Osaka bromide and Prince celebration bromide together. The design will be released at a later date! looking forward to! !!

Akiki Osaka Bromide is randomly signed by hand! It will end as soon as it is sold out, so please purchase it at the venue as soon as possible.

・ Size: L size (89 mm x 127 mm)

・ All 2 types

* You can choose the pattern, so please check before purchasing.

* Bromide will be handed out on February 16th with a copy of the order form (product voucher).

Please note that there is no bromide when the product is handed over.

* It will end as soon as the bromide runs out. Please purchase as soon as possible.

* Products will be handed over at the live venue after the end of March.

* We only accept shipping payments. If you wish to ship it, please let us know at the reception. * Please fill in the application form separately. Please note that it is different from the CD sales form.

* Sales time will be until 21:15 on the day of the live performance.

* If you do not see it for a long time, we may contact you.

* Orders will also be placed on the site. Please note that the benefits may vary.

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