2017.3.10 RELEASE

⭐ distribution number change! "Zenhari no Izumi Sticker"

Due to its popularity, we will increase the number of "Zenhari no Izumi Stickers (5 types in total)" distributed!

"Very singing and dancing 1 hour live" If you can participate in all 3 relief live performances by going through 8 times of this performance,

We will give you 5 kinds of Zen Hari no Izumi stickers as a complete set! !!

This is your chance to complete all 5 types of Hari no Izumi stickers! !!

Please take this opportunity to participate in "Very Singing and Dancing 1 Hour Live" on Saturday, March 25th.

・ ZEN communication stamp card Complete + 1 relief stamp = 1 Zen Hari no Izumi sticker in total

・ ZEN Tsu Stamp Card Complete + Relief Stamp 2 times = Zen Hari no Izumi Sticker Total 3

・ ZEN communication stamp card Complete + relief stamp 3 times = Zen Hari no Izumi sticker total 5

* For ZEN enthusiasts + 3 relief stamps, 5 types will be given as a complete set.

Please note that distribution will be random for those up to 2 times.

* Redemption period until 3 / 29-7 / 31.


L code: 31198