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2017.3.20 RELEASE

  All tension product sales sales information

[Zenhari product sales information] Part 1

Aki Osaka's birth goods "Prince's Tea Cup Set Earl Gray Season" will be handed over

Next Relief Live We will hand it over at Yoani LIVE Station from March 25th.

If you have a copy of the customer, please redeem it at Yoani LIVE Station on the regular live performance date from March 25, 2017 to June 30, 2017.

Please be sure to bring the "Reservation Form Customer Copy" that you received at the time of sale for the exchange.

Customers who apply for delivery will be shipped from March 26th at any time. The shipping fee will be paid by Yamato Transport, so please pay when you receive it.

* Delivery time may change due to production and delivery reasons. In that case, we will notify you again.

[Zenhari product sales information] Part 2

Thank you for your patience!

All Hari live goods will be on sale on Amazon from March 20th today.

・ Set of 3 trading posters 1800 yen + tax

・ Bonfin 700 yen + tax

・ Ticket holder 1000 yen + tax

・ Neck strap 800 yen + tax

・ Bracelet towel "MADE IN UMA" 1200 yen + tax

* Please note that benefits are not included.

* The handling start date on Amazon is earlier than today, but this is the registration date. Today is the opening day.

Aki Osaka's birth goods will be available after April.

・ Tea cup set "Prince's tea cup set Earl Gray season" 1800 yen + tax

Please note that the benefits are not included.

Emblem Trading Can Badges are on sale!

・ Emblem Trading Can Badge 6 pieces 2400 yen + tax

* Consumption tax will be charged for purchases on Amazon. Please note that the price is different from the live venue.

* Please note that the birth goods do not come with special benefits.

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