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2017.3.20 RELEASE

privilege meeting information March 25 (Saturday) regular live relief ed.

For the special event of Q'Sai, we have prepared 2 individual shots and select shots for Ninetales!

Furthermore, as a special relief project, we have prepared a special voice "Morning Call (with name)" this time!

Using your own recording function, we will record the voice of the member with the specified name as "Good morning! ◯◯ -san"! !!

You may be able to record your morning greetings in several random patterns! ??

* From this time on, the special event at the regular live will be on the stage with the panel facing the audience and turning your back.

We will prevent other customers from seeing your face and poses.

Even beginners and shy people can feel free to join us!

Please note that some venues, such as in-store venues, cannot be used.

◆ Saturday, March 25

"Very singing and dancing 1 hour live" relief edition

in Yoani LIVE Station


[Yuma Abe, Kasai Kasai, Akiki Osaka, Yoshiyuki Yokoyama]


CD reservation time Each performance is open (last reception 20:30) / privilege party 19: 00-21: 30

* CD reservations will not be accepted before the opening of the first part of the relief edition.

* The privilege party will end as soon as the line is cut off.

・ Bonus event content

◯ Select shot "Walking pose with all the animals (with walking ribbon)"

Costume: Check Sailor

Pair combination: Abe / Osaka / Kasai / Yokoyama 2 special event tickets


◯ 2 individual shots (solo shot) 3 tickets for "Ninetales" bonus event

Costume: Uniform (blazer)


◯ Select shot "Double and Ninetales" bonus event participation ticket 2

Costume: Uniform (blazer)

Pair combination: Abe / Kasai / Osaka / Yokoyama 2 special event tickets

* If the customer is not shown, the two members will make a Ninetales.


◯ 2 special voice "Wake-up call (with name)" privilege party participation ticket

* Please enter the name you would like us to call on the form you will receive when you make a reservation for the CD.

It has a recording function that you have, and the members will record your specified name and morning greetings on the spot.

* It will be recorded at the venue. Please do not make a loud voice during the recording even if you are at the venue.

As a general rule, there is no retake.

* Please note that you can only specify your name, and you cannot specify the content of the greeting as a member.

* Please be sure to enter your name

You can use your nickname, etc., so please cooperate.

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