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2017.3.30 RELEASE

8th single CD all the jacket picture ban!

The CD jacket of "Hugging Circus" released on April 26th (Wednesday) has been released only at some live venues, but the ban has been completely lifted!

At the same time, the contents of the enclosed benefits will be announced! !!

◆ 8th CD jacket

◆ Recorded songs

1. Embrace the circus

2. Toppo Zawashoi!

◆ CD inclusion privilege

Special bromide

・ First Press Limited Edition Zen Hari Member Solo Shot 1 (5 types in total) * Randomly included

・ Regular Edition A Maron A Member Group Shot 1 (1 type in total )

・ Regular Edition B Zen Hari Member Group Shot 1 (1 type in total )

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