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2017.4.12 RELEASE

⭐ ZEN communication privilege special tote bag & special cans batch

"CIRCUS OF ZENHOLLY" design lifted!

What is the new costume for Zen Hari-chan character that was very popular last time?

The member's 8th single "Hugging Circus" is decided to be the sailor costume! !!

Moreover, you can meet members who have become various animals.

The tote bag will be monochrome, and the can badge will be in color!

This is a member's request item next to the tumbler.

Please aim for ZEN enthusiasts, get tote bags and can badges, and spend every day together!

* Design layout may differ from the actual product.


~ What is ZEN communication ~


* ZEN Tsu is to participate in the "Very Singing and Dancing 1 Hour Live" of 10 performances of 5 days x 2 performances from April to June.

* Stamp cards will be distributed at the first performance of the customer.

* There is no stamp as it is a proof that the distribution has arrived for the first time.

* One stamp will be stamped on the stamp card for each performance.

* If you forget your stamp card, please contact the staff near you.

~ Bonus goods ~


◆ Special tote bag "CIRCUS OF ZENHOLLY"


Distribution conditions: Participation in all 10 performances of "Very singing and dancing 1 hour live"

* 2 performances each on 4/15 (Sat), 5/7 (Sat), 5/25 (Thu), 6/7 (Wed), 6/24 (Sat)


◆ Special can batch "CIRCUS OF ZENHOLLY"


Distribution conditions:

2 stamps and 1 tin badge

4 stamps and 2 tin badges

6 stamps and 3 tin badges

8 stamps and 4 tin badges

10 stamps and 5 tin badges


* Up to 8 stamps will be randomly distributed.

* If you collect 10 stamps and become a ZEN enthusiast, you will receive a complete set of 5 can badges.

* Both bonus goods will be exchanged from the last performance on Saturday, June 24th to the end of September.

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