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2017.4.14 RELEASE

⭐ emergency held! Sailor PLAY Circus in Tower Records Shinjuku

■ Date and time Sunday, April 30, 2017

CD reservation / sales reception 4/26 (Wednesday) As soon as it arrives at the store the day before the release /

16: 30-17: 00 Mini Live / 17: 00-18: 30 (As soon as it's over) CD Reservation Bonus Party

■ Location: Tower Records Shinjuku 7F Event Space

■ Meeting: Tower Records Shinjuku 7F Elevator side stairs (Please gather at 16:00)

■ Contents Mini live & CD reservation privilege party

[Viewing] Free viewing [Special viewing area] Available [Special viewing area] Special viewing area with reference number Admission ticket required [Seat] Standing

■ Cast: Abe, Kasai, Osaka, Yokoyama * Fukasawa does not appear


Tower Records Shinjuku 03-5360-7811 (11: 00-23: 00)

[How to participate in the event and how to get the special viewing area admission ticket with reference number]

Priority is given to reservations, and customers who purchase the target product at Tower Records Shinjuku will be given one [Special Viewing Area Admission Ticket with Reference Number] and one [Bonus Party Participation Ticket] for each CD. I will do it.

[Special viewing area admission ticket with reference number] can be given up to 1 per person.

[Bonus event participation ticket] will be given according to the number of tickets purchased in advance.

[Special viewing area admission ticket with reference number] will be given at random.

* Customers who have made a reservation will be given priority to secure the [Special Viewing Area Admission Ticket with Reference Number] and [Bonus Party Participation Ticket] and hand them out when purchasing the product.

* Reservations for eligible products can also be made by phone or through the store reservation service on the Tower Records website (

* Target products will be on sale as soon as the products arrive on 4/25 (Tuesday).

* Please note that customers who participate in the event will not receive any benefits other than the above event benefits.

The reference number of the [Special Viewing Area Admission Ticket with Reference Number] will be the entrance number to the venue. We will guide customers to the priority viewing area in order of reference number.

Please note that the order of delivery and the order of reference numbers are irrelevant.

Please note that if you do not make it in the order of entry of the numbered ticket number, you may be guided at the end.

It is prohibited to occupy a seat other than your own seat with a bag or clothing.

If the customer leaves their luggage or clothing, the operation may keep the luggage. In that case, please note that you may not be able to return to the same place.

Please do not wait all night to receive the special viewing area admission ticket or form a waiting line before the specified time.

If you are allowed to wait all night, not only will you not be able to hand over the special viewing area admission ticket, but you may also be refused participation in the event itself.

Depending on the circumstances of the venue, only customers who have a special viewing area admission ticket with a numbered ticket may be required to participate in this event.

[About the privilege party]

You can participate in the following special events according to the number of special event tickets.

● Zen Hari Touch: 1 ticket for the special event

[Yuma Abe, Kasai Kasai, Akiki Osaka, Yoshiyuki Yokoyama]

* In Zen Hari Touch, you touch with the members in Zen Hari Pose (a pose that puts your ring finger and thumb).

* Please note that any act other than Haritouch is prohibited.

* In consideration of safety, the staff will check the customer's hand before the retouching.

* Please note that the staff may touch the customer and guide them.

● Individual handshake: 1 special event ticket

[Yuma Abe, Kasai Kasai, Akiki Osaka, Yoshiyuki Yokoyama]

* At the individual handshake event, one member and one customer can shake hands.

* Only handshakes will be accepted. Please note that other acts are prohibited.

* In consideration of safety, the staff will check your hand before shaking hands.

* Please note that the staff may guide you by touching your shoulders or arms.

● Individual autograph session or maxim one-word session: 3 special event tickets

[Yuma Abe, Kasai Kasai, Akiki Osaka, Yoshiyuki Yokoyama]

You can choose "Sign" or "Randomly fill in a word" from one of your favorite members on the CD jacket of "Hugging Circus [First Press Limited Edition, Regular Edition A, Regular Edition B]" purchased on the day. ..

If you want both, please note that you will need 3 of each.

* A saying is a word that describes the members' lines, inscriptions, and impressions.

* One maxim is a random entry from the members. Please note that we cannot ask for your request.

* The place to write a sign or a saying is only on the surface of the lyrics card of the jacket.

Please note that you cannot specify the location such as the inside or back of the lyrics card or the case.

* There is no sign for personal belongings or all-tension goods.

* We cannot respond to requests for names, comments, illustrations, etc.

* For the signature, we will use POSCA or black oil-based pen according to the member color.

● Group / Group Group Shot: 2 tickets for the special event

"Hugging and Wind Pose" Costume: Check Sailor This is a pose in which all Hari members cross their shoulders to protect the customer as if they were hugging.

* Please note that we will not hug you as it is a breeze.

[Yuma Abe, Kasai Kasai, Akiki Osaka, Yoshiyuki Yokoyama]

* Group shots will be taken by the staff with "all event participants and one customer", and group group shots will be taken by "all event members and customer group".

* For group shots and group group shots, you can select either "The staff will shoot the event participants and the customer together" or "The customer will shoot the event participants".

* When "members and customers" are photographed, the staff will borrow the customer's camera to photograph.

* As a general rule, re-shooting is not permitted.

* Please note that you cannot specify a pose for a member.

* Two bonus event tickets are required for each person who participates in any shot.


Released on April 26, 2017 (Wednesday)

"Hugging Circus [First Press Limited Edition]" HMIZ-0001 / ¥ 1,000 + tax

"Hugging Circus [Normal A Version]" HMIZ-0002 / ¥ 1,000 + tax

"Hugging Circus [Normal B Version]" HMIZ-0003 / ¥ 1,000 + tax

★ For each CD you purchase, you will receive one bonus event participation ticket.

[Notes on purchasing a CD at a special event]

・ The special viewing area admission ticket with a reference number is not a special event participation ticket.


* On the day of the event, sitting around the venue and gatherings will be a nuisance to other customers, so it is prohibited. Also, please refrain from staying in the area around the venue in the middle of the night or early in the morning.

* Please note that the staff may guide you by touching your shoulders or arms at the event.

* You can participate in the special event multiple times, but please note that if the event lasts for a long time, it may end in the middle.

* The number of special viewing area admission tickets and special event participation tickets is limited. Distribution will end as soon as the planned number is reached, so please be aware of this before lining up in the purchase line.

* Please note that if the "Special Viewing Area Admission Ticket" or "Bonus Party Participation Ticket" is lost / stolen / damaged, it will not be reissued.

* "Special viewing area admission ticket" and "privilege event participation ticket" are valid only within the target event.

* Please note that the schedule and venue may be changed or canceled due to weather and traffic conditions.

* Various restrictions may be set at the event to prevent accidents and confusion on the day of the event.

* The organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for accidents or thefts that occur inside or outside the venue.

* Please manage your valuables by yourself.

* Acts such as shooting, recording, and recording while the artist is appearing are strictly prohibited.

* Customers are responsible for transportation and accommodation expenses on the day of the event.

* Event details are subject to change without notice. Please note.

* For the safe operation of this event, if the organizer determines that it is not suitable to participate in the event, we may refuse participation to specific customers.

* If there are many acts that violate the precautions, the event may be canceled, exited, or refused entry.

* We kindly ask for your cooperation in arriving at the special event venue with the minimum required luggage.

Please use a coin locker at the nearest station or public facility for large luggage such as suitcases and carry bags, and refrain from bringing it into the event venue.

In addition, we may refuse to enter the viewing area with large luggage.

* When you participate in the special event, we will keep your luggage at one time before collecting the special event ticket. After the participation is over, the staff will return it to the customer.

* Please put all your jackets, luggage that hangs with a string, and small items in your pocket into the luggage that you will keep at the time of participating in the special event.


Hollywood Factory Co., Ltd.

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