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2017.4.28 RELEASE


Today, I am pleased to announce that Taiga Fukazawa will be graduating from ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD on Youtube.
It is a graduation full of dreams to support the decision of the actor who wants to concentrate on his work.

It was a decision because I thought that Hari's activities were very important, and Fukasawa himself was concerned that he could not participate in Hari's activities due to schedule conditions from last year, and that such possibilities will emerge in the future. ..
Meanwhile, as the person himself told in the video, he made the decision "as a man", and the members also said, "I will do my best for Tora-chan," and this report was made in a positive situation.

The time of graduation is scheduled for before summer.
Details will be announced as soon as they are decided, so please wait for a while.

After this announcement, he also says that he wants to spend his time as usual.
Thank you for your continued support of ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD.

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