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2017.5.4 RELEASE

⭐ [CHEERZ for JUNON] galaxxxy model appearances events race

Aki Osaka, also known as the prince, will take on the challenge on behalf of Hari!
The prince has always dreamed of becoming a model.
This event is a passionate desire to win as the first step towards a dream.
All of the Hari Corps. Let's go win together! Thank you for your support.

[Event details]
The top two CHEER numbers during the period will be models of fashion brand galaxxxy and will be posted on the official galaxxxy website.
In addition, it will be featured in the WEB magazine "EMMARY" for JK.

【way to participate】
You can participate by downloading the free smartphone app "CHEERZ for JUNON" and "CHEER" the photos posted by Akiki Osaka in the app.

Click here to install the app

[CHEER aggregation period (event period)]
May 5, 2017 (Friday) 0:00 to May 7, 2017 (Sunday) 23:59:59

* Galaxxxy model is for a limited time.
* The 1st place in the ranking will be wearing 2nd place and the 2nd place will be wearing 1st place.
* Galaxxy official website will be posted in May, and EMMARY articles will be posted at the end of May, but the posting time may be different. As soon as the publication time is confirmed, we will inform you again in the in-app notification.
* Plan details are subject to change without notice.
* For inquiries regarding the content of the project, please use the in-app inquiry.
* If fraud is discovered, the fraudulent vote will be invalidated. Therefore, the ranking may fluctuate. Please note.

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