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2017.5.12 RELEASE

⭐ 5 May 25 (Thursday) regular live information ban

◆ Product sales information

Flage limited! Yokoyama's pre-birth month festival bromide will be on sale!

"Limited to Flage! Yokoyama's pre-birth month festival bromide ”has been released in a hurry!

A set of 2 photos, one for everyone's group photo and one for Yoshiyuki Yokoyama's solo photo.

The size is 2L size. Yoshiyuki Yokoyama's solo shot bromide is randomly signed by hand!

We are ready to sell the CD from 15:00, every time the Zenza edition opens, and every time the Hollywood edition opens. It will be on sale from the opening of each event, but the number is limited, so please purchase as soon as possible!

・ Price 600 yen (tax included)
・ 2 pieces of bromide ・ Size: 2L size

* It will be the same line as the CD sales line. Those who purchase only bromide should also line up in the CD purchase line. If you would like only bromide, please note that we may inform you separately depending on the sales situation.

◆ Bonus meeting information


[Yuma Abe, Kasai Kasai, Akiki Osaka, Yoshiyuki Yokoyama]


CD sales time: 15: 00-17: 00 and each performance is open & after the Hollywood edition (last reception 21:45) / Bonus event ① 15: 30-17: 00 / Bonus event ② 21: 00-22: 00

* The privilege party will end as soon as the line is cut off.

・ Bonus event contents

Bonus party ① 15: 30-17: 00

① 1 Zen Hari Touch Bonus Party Participation Ticket

② Individual handshake privilege party participation ticket 1 piece

③ Group / Group Group Shot

"Zenhari ☆ Midnight Ramen" Specifications

* Costume: Check Sailor

2 tickets for the special event

It is a photo session where familiar members of SHOWROOM have program titles and cup ramen.

If the customer is not shown, only the members will do it.

・ Bonus party ② 21: 00-22: 00

④ One ticket for the Zen Hari Touch Bonus Event

⑤ Individual handshake privilege party participation ticket 1 piece

⑥ Individual autograph session (personal property) 3 special event tickets

* We will put your signature and date in your personal belongings.

* We cannot respond to requests for names, comments, illustrations, etc.

* For the signature, we will use POSCA or black oil-based pen according to the member color.

* Limited to items that members can sign on the table.

* Please refrain from extremely small items.

* We may refuse to sign items that may cause inconvenience to other customers when they are brought into the venue, judgment by staff, or items that the members feel uncomfortable.

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