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2017.6.18 RELEASE

⭐6 / 24 ZEN communication privilege information

The design of this ZEN commuter pass "special tote bag" & "special can badge" will be released on Twitter as a countdown for the regular live on June 24th!

Please check the following for the replacement method.

【method of exchange】

Redemption will start after the Hollywood edition on June 24, 2017.

Please bring the ZEN card you received when you participated in the first live performance.

We will give you ZEN communication benefits according to the stamps you have accumulated.

◆ Special tote bag "CIRCUS OF ZENHOLLY"

Distribution conditions: Participation in all 10 performances of "Very singing and dancing 1 hour live"

* 2 performances each on 4/15 (Sat), 5/7 (Sat), 5/25 (Thu), 6/7 (Wed), 6/24 (Sat)

◆ Special can batch "CIRCUS OF ZENHOLLY"

Distribution conditions:

2 stamps and 1 tin badge

4 stamps and 2 tin badges

6 stamps and 3 tin badges

8 stamps and 4 tin badges

10 stamps and 5 tin badges (complete set)


If you have an unused ticket, we will stamp it in exchange for the unused stub part. We will give you special benefits according to the number of stamps you have finally accumulated.

Even if you bring an unused ticket after redeeming the award, the above measures cannot be taken. Please note that you will not be able to receive the benefits.

Up to 8 tin badges will be randomly distributed. Please note that customers cannot choose.

The distribution deadline is the end of September 2017. Please note that you cannot redeem it even if you bring it after the deadline.

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