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2017.6.27 RELEASE

⭐ ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD Yoshiyuki Yokoyama ・ Statement of determination at the time of the sacred festival live, full text posted

Here is something I would like to tell you.

ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD has become four people after graduating from Tora-chan.

With four people, of course, all the tension is okay as it is.

I am confident that I can do it.

However, I personally think that this is no good.

That kind of feeling became stronger.

As the oldest person, I think I have to be in a position to pull the tension at all.

But now, I think I'm not going to rely on it anymore,

It ’s even when I ’m talking about something serious, such as during a live performance.

It sounds like giggles

When I see that kind of thing, I sometimes think that's what I think.

That's my fault, of course.

But I thought I had to change,

That kind of thought ... I want to do something about it ...

I told Mr. Hashiguchi, the representative of Hollywood Factory, at that time

"Then, I have to stand alone."

I received the words.

I thought that was true, and what I was told at that time

"Why don't you try a full live alone?"

It was that.

When I heard that, I was wondering if customers would come.

Also, I wonder if I can do more than 20 full live songs by myself ...

I'm very anxious, but I still think I have to run ahead as the oldest.

I thought I should be in a position to have the members pull me forever,

So I decided to take it.

I think there was a story about the surprise DAY 1st of the summer festival, which is a little firm and a little tight.

I have another day (surprise).

On that day, Yoshiyuki Yokoyama will perform a solo live.

The solo live title is



I want to stand in front of you as a living human being, as a three-dimensional life-sized human being, and as a man.

And I want to make it the best stage.

So, I would be grateful if you could come visit us.

That's all I wanted to tell you about this birthday festival today.

<June 24, 2017 Very singing and dancing 1 hour live Hollywood edition from Yoshiyuki Yokoyama MC>

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