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⭐︎ Precautions for LIVE / EVENT

[About cheering goods]

* You can bring and use support goods. Please bring it with you. Glow sticks can also be used.
* Please refrain from using extremely bright or extremely long items, excessively dazzling items, large items, guide lights, modified psyllium, etc.
If you raise a large object such as a fan above the height of your face, it will block the view behind you, so please use it at chest level.
* Please refrain from bringing or using the message board, sketchbook, etc. to the venue as it may interfere with the progress of the event or cause inconvenience to other customers. ..
* It is the support that everyone can visit, and for the members, the feelings of those who do not have the support goods are comparable to the support goods. In addition to supporting us, the members will do their utmost to support each and every one of us, regardless of whether or not we have support goods. Thank you very much.

[Waiting for entry and departure]

* Waiting for members on the premises of the venue, on the streets in the vicinity, at stations, etc., waiting for entry, waiting for entry, and calling out when entering and exiting may cause inconvenience to everyone in the vicinity and everyone who came. Please refrain from safety.
* It is the same for both members and staff that they are so grateful that they want to talk to the members directly, but I think it is a sincere attitude to respond to those feelings with PLAY. .. To that end, we will earnestly consider and work on how much we can make everyone happy and enjoy ourselves in the rules for doing our best with high aspirations.
* Recently, there have been reports of acts such as waiting at the end of the performance, talking to the members, waiting and following, but the members are also in trouble, so please do not do it.

* If you do not follow these rules, we will restrict admission to all ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD related live events as soon as they are discovered, and depending on the situation, we will cancel the event. Thank you for your cooperation.

[About gifts]

Regarding the ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD event, please refrain from keeping gifts at the reception, handing them directly to the members themselves at the venue, waiting for them, or handing them to the manager. ..
All the members and staff feel that we are really grateful for your important feelings, just by visiting us and by supporting us.
Students, people who work hard every day, people in various situations are living their lives, and I am very sorry to receive gifts at each event, and at the same time, fans I came up with the idea that I would like to refrain from doing so as it could lead to conflicts. In particular, as a strong intention of the members, I am grateful for their feelings, but I think that cheering is many times more happy.

Of course, I am very happy about the letter with the message and the colored paper. We will keep your letters and colored paper and hand them to the members, so please tell the staff if you have them.

[About stand arrangement flowers from fans]

Please refrain from using stand flowers and arranged flowers from our fans.

As the number increases, it has become difficult to secure an evacuation passage in the event of a major earthquake or fire, and to secure a safe space for passage. All the members and staff are always grateful for the warm cheers and feelings from everyone.
As in the past, the staff will take care of letters and colored paper with messages and hand them directly to the members. Thank you for your understanding.

[Request for live performance]

In places where it is not clearly time to get cheers during the main part of the event live, for example, during the MC of the members, during the play, etc., acts such as raising a loud voice and talking to the members, loud conversations between customers, etc. Please refrain from directing, hindering the progress, and causing inconvenience to those around you.

* During MC
Of course, we welcome reactions such as unintentional laughter and surprises, as well as talks that do not interfere with MC.
However, a voice that seems to interrupt the MC leads to trouble for the customer who wants to hear the member's words and the member who wants to convey it. Thank you for your cooperation.

* "During production" between songs
The cheering and voice between songs is not annoying, but in the part where the play or some kind of production is specially given, talking to the members, excessive loud voice is the customer who is trying to enjoy the world view It may cause inconvenience and hinder the production.

Please refrain from making statements between songs, such as "Oops, this formation !?", which halves the enjoyment of first-time customers.
There are various people who always support us, those who are new to us, those who want to get excited, those who want to enjoy quietly, and so on.

We ask for your cooperation so that everyone can enjoy it as much as possible.

* Acts such as raising a loud voice and talking to members during a play, etc.
We welcome you to be surprised and laughed at the play, and to have an atmosphere where you can share a good time.
However, loud voices that lead to interruptions, such as "~~~!", "Stop!", "~~ da yo!", "~~?", Will hinder the progress of the stage. Thank you for your cooperation.

* Loud conversations between customers, etc.
During songs, MCs, plays, loud conversations, and the act of continuing to squeeze in and give impressions to the members as if watching TV at home, the feelings of those around you who are trying to enjoy the performance It leads to harm. We ask for your cooperation so that everyone can enjoy it as much as possible.

[Manners of all members of the Hari Corps]

I said a lot of details.

In the past, there was an inquiry asking me to tell me in detail what is prohibited and what is OK, and I have described it so far, but in fact, there are not many people with such bad manners, and it is totally firm. Many of our fans have good manners.

However, if some fans do not follow the rules, many people may feel unpleasant, so there is such a description. The live venues and event venues of Zenhari are comfortable places to spend, so please feel free to visit us.

If you see any behavior that falls under these precautions, please do not hesitate to report it to the staff.

To put it simply, I hope that everyone who wants to enjoy Hari's live performances and events will not only think about themselves but also the people around them and enjoy them within the bounds of common sense.

Thank you again for your cooperation.

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