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⭐︎ What is a CD reservation privilege party?

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the members who made the CD reservations, and we will shake hands and take pictures.

We will give a participation ticket to those who booked the CD at the venue on the day, and we will hold a privilege party for those who have the participation ticket at the privilege party on the same day. Even beginners can have a good time, so please feel free to join us.

* One CD single and one bonus event participation ticket

* The number of special event tickets is limited.

* The required number of participation tickets varies depending on the desired privilege party.

~ Flow ~

・ On the day of the live performance where there is a special event, the reservation will be completed with filling out the application form and payment at the venue. At that time, we will give you a special event participation ticket, so please have it ready.

・ Please check the schedule of the privilege meeting and line up in the privilege line you want to participate in.

* The order will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

* The privilege party will end as soon as the line is cut off.

* If necessary, baggage will be temporarily checked in at the luggage storage area at the time of turn. Please manage your valuables at your own risk.

* If you have multiple participation tickets and wish to participate in the same privilege party more than once, you will be asked to line up again at the end for each participation.

◼︎ Types of privilege meetings

◯ Hari Touch

The members and everyone put their hands in a tight pose (put their thumb and ring finger on) and put them together.

It touches like a high five.

It's a fun time for all the members in a row to have a good time with customers. It is also recommended for those who are wondering which privilege party to participate in.

Hari pose is very easy. Members often do it on twitter and live, but if you don't understand, please feel free to ask the staff.

* One bonus event ticket

◯ Individual handshake event

You can shake hands with one member for 3 seconds.

Even shy people are fine. Members and staff will support you.

* One bonus event ticket

◯ Two shot

One member and two customers can take a picture.

In commemoration, make a mobile phone standby and have a wonderful day with your favorite members.

* 3 tickets for the special event

◯ Select shot

Members are divided into several groups in advance. You can take a picture with the members of your favorite group. Customers cannot choose the combination of members. For select shots, you can select either "Members and Customers" or "Members can be photographed by customers".

It is a privilege party that members are looking forward to changing the combination from time to time. To make everyone happy, the members who are having a covert operation meeting such as facial expressions seem to be really always having fun.

* 2 tickets for the special event

◯ Group shot

All members and customers can take pictures. For group shots, you can choose to shoot with "all members and customers" or "you can shoot all members".

All members will do their utmost to entertain only the fans. Please accept the feelings of all the members.

* 2 tickets for the special event

◯ Group Group shot

Group shooting with all members and 2 or more customers is possible.

It's fun to shoot with everyone, and the tension rises in group group shots. The topic at this time is always lively up to the dressing room after that.

* 2 tickets for each special event

<Please be sure to check the link below for the details and detailed precautions of the special event. There are detailed notes when opening each event. We look forward to welcoming you to our staff and members.

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