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⭐︎ January-March 2017 About ZEN communication benefits

* From January to March, it is called ZEN-dori to participate in all the "Very Singing and Dancing 1-Hour Live" editions, including Zen and Hari.

* For those who come to all the performances, there will be a wonderful gift as a ZEN enthusiast privilege.

* Please note that this privilege is not an invitation live.

* Since all performances are eligible, stamp cards will be distributed only when you enter "Zen Hen" at 18:00 on the first day of the 1/19 regular performance.

* Stamps will be stamped on each performance stamp card.

* If you purchased the ticket and did not come due to sudden circumstances such as poor physical condition, weather influence, transportation delay, etc. on the day, the next performance or the next performance Please keep unused tickets in a safe place and bring them with you until the day. At that time, please be sure to bring your ticket in an unused "unexpired state". We will stamp the confirmed stamps on the unused tickets, and at the same time, we will stamp the performances that did not appear on the stamp card. (Please note that stubs cannot be used)

* Please note that unused tickets cannot be refunded.

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