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What is All Japan Love $ Theater Company "ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD"?

The world's most beautiful prince who wants to see it live once in a lifetime

A little voiced Walleader Shige,

A boy tiger who barks well in the size of an energy drink,

Member's toys and sweaty idol Yuma,

A good-looking guy with a pale complexion.

Even though each one is a tonchinkan character

If 5 people get together, they will play with full power and deliver endless songs and dances.

Many of the songs of ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD, abbreviated as "Zen Hari"

"North Wing", "Sadness never stops", "Sad color", etc.

Tetsuji Hayashi, the composer who produced many hit songs, is working on it.

The luxury of the production team is also attractive.

Seven titles have been released on CD in about one year since their debut in 2015.

In "B-Vibration" released in February 2016

It has won 3rd place on the Oricon Daily and 4th place on the Weekly.

They have two faces,

The expression of "Zenhari" who carries a sailor on his back and sings brightly and refreshingly,

It is called "Marron A" who eats poisonous chestnuts, awakens, and plays violently.

There is also a premium unit.

In the play, we completely reproduced our dressing room !? At the black dressing room performance,

There is no other way that all performance scripts are different

Regular performances of the original reality stage. Besides, at the Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater

The trendy drama "Three Piglets and Akazukin-chan" performance

A performance where a mystery calls a mystery,

In the sequel "Beautiful Club Tragedy" that deepens the mystery unnecessarily

The red hood is reborn as a crab and rampages in an impossible form, etc.

It is also attractive that it sometimes shows an expression that does not look like an idol.

An idol unit that appears in the TV anime "Shonen Hollywood"

It is also an official rival of "Shonen Hollywood", and while enhancing each other,

Joint events are also held. Many common songs.

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