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2016.12.2 RELEASE

⭐️ 2017 regular performance schedule announced!

Very singing and dancing 1 hour live, popular from January to March 2017

We have decided to hold a regular live performance! Thank you very much.

January 19th (Thursday) Yoani LIVE Station

[Zenza Hen] Open 17:30 Start 18:00

[Hollywood] Open 19:30 Start 20:00

L code: 37101

■ General release 12/3 (Sat) 10: 00-

Automatic voice call reservation: 0570-084-003 (24 hours available)

Internet reservation (common to PCs and mobile phones)

Over-the-counter sales: You can purchase directly at Lawson Ministop in-store Loppi.

February 16 (Thursday) Yoani LIVE Station * Taiga Fukazawa will appear

[Zenza Hen] Open 17:30 Start 18:00

[Hollywood] Open 19:30 Start 20:00

March 16 (Thursday) Yoani LIVE Station * Taiga Fukazawa will not appear

[Zenza Hen] Open 17:30 Start 18:00

[Hollywood] Open 19:30 Start 20:00

March 29 (Wednesday) Yoani LIVE Station * Taiga Fukazawa will not appear

[Zenza Hen] Open 17:30 Start 18:00

[Hollywood] Open 19:30 Start 20:00

* Please note that due to the schedule, the appearance of "Taiga Fukazawa" is undecided. We will inform you as soon as it is decided.

* There will be a special event before all dates.

* This performance will not be sent off.

☆ What is a regular live performance ☆

It is a one-hour live performance that is recommended for those who want to enjoy the tension on their way home from school or work, and those who are busy.
"Zenza" can be just one hour, "Hollywood" can be just one hour, and the set list is different, so you can enjoy both. Please enjoy.
Participation by yourself is welcome, and participation by inviting friends and family is also welcome.

All 8 performances from January to March (2 performances a day) If you come to all the performances, you will receive a wonderful gift as a ZEN enthusiast privilege.

* Please note that this privilege is not an invitation live.

Click here for ZEN communication

☆ A special gift for ZEN enthusiasts "Zenhari no Izumi Tumbler" ☆

ZEN Tsu-sama's special tumbler with a new version of the illustration that imaged the Zen Hari member who was very popular when creating the leaflet before!

This time, the motif is that the members are full of joy and crying happily. You can also see the members eating their favorite foods, so it's perfect as a companion to your meal!

At work, at school, and at home, please spend time together outside of live performances to moisturize your throat and heart. The design will be released at a later date! looking forward to.

* This tumbler is a gift exclusively for ZEN enthusiasts. There are no plans to release it.

☆ Regular live privilege meeting information ☆

There is a CD reservation privilege party for all regular live dates! !!

Moreover, on January 19th and February 16th, there will be performances on the birthday months of Yuma Abe and Akiki Osaka.

So, in January and February, we will be holding a special birthday party! !!

I would be very happy if you could celebrate the day you were born!

* Please note that we do not accept gifts, stands, or arranged flowers. The members will be very happy if you come to the live and give us your feelings.

For letters and colored paper, please hand it to the receptionist or staff. We will hand it over to the members responsibly.

Please note that it cannot be handed over directly to members.

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